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If you don’t have time to read this entirely, I encourage you to make time. If that’s not possible I have put a link to the email addresses and the public hearing information below, so that you may be able to simply copy and paste all email addresses at once and send out one single email, even if it is as short as “save pinelog”. If you wish to see this property preserved, you must do this. Your peaceful appearance at one or both of the public input hearings is encouraged. That is in fact the entire purpose of these hearings. Email list is pinned at the top of my page here. Copy and paste all emails at once. hearing info Tuesday February 7 and Thursday February 9, both from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the Commissioner's hearing room, courthouse main floor, 135 W. Cherokee Ave, Cartersville. Hi everyone, I’m the individual that started the “SavePinelog” Petition last year when the property originally went up for sale. Thank you to everyone that signed and shared that petition, you have made an impact I assure you. Pinelog needs you again, Bartow county has been presented with a rezoning proposal for the Wildlife Managment area and surrounding property. That would allow for 16,500 homes and thousands of acres of industrial/mining use. However, even as it is currently zoned, some development and commercial mining is still possible. Now is the time to let your state representatives, your Department of Natural Resources and Bartow County officials such as commissioner Steve Taylor know that you, as an individual wish to see this property purchased by the state and preserved as a public area. If you’ve already sent out emails, do it again. Time is of the essence. We’re close to decisions being made and potentially losing this land forever, in trade for industrial parks, apartment complex’s and high end gated communities. I know factually, from the DNR themselves, that they have a high interest in obtaining this property and preserving it. One large issue is the budget, the Department of Natural Resources budget is largely allocated to maintaining current properties, and not so much for obtaining new properties. Help from the state, conservation organizations and potentially federal funding is needed. (This is not uncommon or out of the norm. It is how most public properties are obtained) The state of Georgia has approximately 4 billion in leftover federal covid funding that is not allocated anywhere in the state budget. These are excess funds that you are allowed to voice an opinion on how a very small percentage of it be spent. This can be a win for all parties involved/interested. A state purchase is not a fairy tale or out of reach, it is very much on the table and being discussed. However, the publics voice needs to be heard in order to make this an easy decision for the state. I would also like to address some common misinformation. This property is not being sold by the state, this is private property that most of which has been leased to DNR for public use over the last 50 years. The owners of this property have been great stewards for generations and should not be condemned for selling, or expected to give their most valuable asset away. No, this property has not sold to anyone yet. No, the price tag for the WMA is not 1 billion dollars. Nor is it 1 billion dollars if the entire property including land outside of the wma is purchased in entirety. The 1 billion estimation from the sale representatives is if the property is broken up and sold in many different pieces to developers and commercial mining operations. And is still an estimation in that scenario. No, the proposed Greenspace in the event of development is not likely to be WMA or even public for that matter as it would be privately owned greenspace in the middle of residential communities. The DNR lease for this property ends May 2023 permanently unless a state purchase happens.Now on to potential land uses. While this land has been public use WMA for 50 years, use and access has been limited to a higher degree than other, state owned WMA’s. This is due to it being leased private property. If a state purchase were to take place, it would allow for much greater use of the property. Such as more hiking, biking, camping, better maintained roads, easier access, properly marked and maintained sites of historical significance, the potential for a state park, the list goes on. We must peacefully show our concern and interest in order for our governments, local and state, to work according to them. Thank you #savepinelog ... See MoreSee Less
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Grandson found this fleece jersey while hiking on Pinhoti. Anyone lost or left it behind please let me know and I will see you get it back. ... See MoreSee Less
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Nice set of wheels for sale! Switching to 27.5 on my Ritchey Ascent, and need to ditch these 29ers. ... See MoreSee Less
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