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Boys & Girls Club of Northwest Georgia Mountain Bike Program

Northwest Georgia SORBA and the Boys & Girls Club - a winning team!

Our involvement with the Boys & Girls club has been beneficial for both our chapter and their club. The B&G club supports our Snake Time Trials by loaning us their bus and in return a portion of the proceeds from the race is used on various projects and activities with the B&G clubs mountain bike program. This is a unique program that should serve as a template for all the other Boys & Girls Club in the nation. The program gets the kids to spend more time playing outdoors and less time watching TV.

It all started in early 2006. SORBA's Trip for Kids program loaned bikes and helmets for an outing with the Boys & Girls Club. Members of NWGA SORBA introduced the kids to our local trail in Dalton, Raisin Woods Mountain Bike Park. On November 2006, a private individual donated 20 bicycles and a bike trailer to the Boys & Girls Club. To date, the number of bikes donated to the club has reached 50 bikes. Also, Vcan has generously donated 25 helmets to the club.

To kick off the program for the 2007-2008 school year, the B&G Club had a ride and pizza party at Raisin Woods. During the party, NWGA SORBA presented the B&G Club with race jerseys to accompany their new bicycles. More recently, a small group from our chapter helped the B&G Club with bike storage, by retrofitting a old shed to hold the 50 bicycles.


Goals for the Boys & Girls Club Mountain Bike Program:

1. Build Storage Area for 50 bicycles

2. Layout and Build Bike Trail on Boys & Girls Club property

3. Continue to improve Boys & Girls Club Mountain Bike Program: schedule ride events, bike maintenance parties, safety clinics, you name it!


Help wanted:

  • Looking for a good bike mechanic to help lead a bike maintenance party. These 50 bikes need some TLC.
  • Looking for a trail designer and trail builders, the Boys & Girls club has a small wooded area that they would like to build some trails.
  • Looking for enthusiatic mountain bikers who want to share their love for the sport with youngsters.


If you would like to be a part of this exciting project, visit our web-site at


Nov 2, 2006 Boys & Girls Club trying out new bicycles at Raisin Woods
Sept. 12, 2007 Boys & Girls Club Pizza Party and Ride at Raisin Woods
March 18, 2008 Start Building Bike Storage
Proposed location of Boys & Girls Club Mountain Bike Trail
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